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Obara's Banishing Incense


Size: 3.31 oz


Obara's Banishing Incense is a specially prepared incense that has been supercharged. This medicine is to be used for banishing. If you suspect something negative in your home or surroundings, you will use this medicine to cleanse the space and remove negativity. I have prepared this Banishing Incense with other medicines and incantations that will magnify it’s effects.

Use Obara's Banishing Incense when moving into a new home, office or business place, in your car, or if someone has just moved out of your home, etc. You can even take a little with you when you are traveling in any crowded spaces. It will repel anything negative away from you, as crowded spaces are often filled with all sorts of energies that can attach themselves onto others.


  • One drawstring bag 3.31 oz of Obara's Banishing Incense
  • Instructions Card

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