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Sleep Paralysis Protection


Size: 2.22 fl. oz (65.6 ml)


A very powerful medicine taught to me by one of my spiritual mentors, Mr. Mitchel. I struggled with such bad sleep paralysis that I was never able to sleep alone for fear of never waking out of the experience. Mr. Mitchel made this protection for me and every time I use it, I sleep soundly and peacefully.


As a Metaphysician, I understood the spiritual science behind Mr. Mitchel's concoction. Sleep Paralysis is a spiritual experience that is simply too overwhelming for the physical body. It is the meeting of two opposing frequencies (the human's being lower than the non-physicals), so when the latter comes into contact with the former, the physical body can experience a number of uncontrollable feelings.

However, there is a solution to all things in life and sleep paralysis is no exception.

Use this incredible protection and protect your body and spirit! I love it! (I should have called it 'Duppy 'fraid ah dis!')

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