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Spiritual Protection for Home



GREAT protection for your household. This mixture protects against malevolent forces or entities, spiritual attacks, or wayward spirits from entering your home or space. You will receive a package of this mixture along with instructions on how to use. 


  • When you receive this product, please read the instructions note FIRST before touching it.
  • You will receive one 5 x 4in burlap bag of this mixture and not the mortar and pestle pictured above
  • If you are in need of protection for your yard or other space, a new mixture can be spiritually prepared for you upon request.


This incredible spiritual protection was taught to me many years ago by one of my great spiritual mentors, Mr. Mitchel, a man with so much power he was afraid of himself and stayed close to Christianity. But during my years sitting at his feet, I learned one of his secrets: this protection. He made this for me when I was going through an awful spiritual attack, and then taught me how to prepare it myself. I now honor Mr. Mitchel's memory by sharing it with you all.

But most of all the metaphysics behind this mysterious combination is why it works so powerfully that even a set of particularly malevolent beings are said to be afraid of it.

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