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Powerful Herb & Powder Prosperity Incense Set



This powerful prosperity attracting incense is a powerful medicine that pulls prosperity in all forms. Once used, abundance will find you in many ways: a new increase in finances, a new job promotion (or new job), a new opportunity, a phone call with good news, good luck, a money-making idea, or even a new lover or spouse (which brings luck to finances)! The results of this medicine can manifest in one or many ways that will attract an abundance of sweetness into your life.


This incense is also best for anyone who has bills due, desires a new item, or anyone who is simply in need of a quick financial help!

SET INCLUDES: Two jars of 2.5 oz of content

You will receive instructions on how to use.


  • After purchasing, please read the instructions and caution before opening or touching this product!
  • This incense will need to be burned on incense charcoal (available here)

This medicine was painstakingly mixed by Obara Meji and traditionalist elders in Nigeria, West Africa.

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