S.E.S Frequently Asked Questions


Do you accept refunds/returns?

Because our items are prepared under sacred and ritually purified circumstances, all sales are final and returns are not accepted. Please refer to our Refund Policy to learn more. For this reason, items will not be replaced or exchanged. However, if there is any issue with your order, please contact us.

Do you ship to (my country)?

For residents outside of USA and US territories, Canada, UK, and Europe, please contact us directly before placing your order. Shipping charges will vary.

For Nigerian shoppers, yes we do ship to Nigeria. Please contact us to make purchases by email and receive our GTBank details for payments.

 I am an international customer; do I have to pay customs and taxes?

Items shipped outside of the United States are subject to duties, taxes, handling and/or other miscellaneous charges as defined by the country of import. These fees are not included in the cost of your order and therefore can not be reimbursed by Shop Embracing Spirituality. Customs regulations in the U.S.A. require that we display the full product value on the front of the package (this includes products that are purchased at a discounted price or are part of a promotion). Please check with your country’s customs office to determine what these additional costs will be.

I have received my order and need additional assistance

All of our products come equipped with detailed instructions and cautions. However, if you need additional assistance please feel free to contact us through the contact page for general questions about your order.



What is 'Medicine'?

ANSWER: You may see the word “medicine” often in product descriptions. Medicine refers to spiritual work often prescribed through the Ifa oracle to the seeker to solve a problem or bring forth goodness. On our website, we use medicine to merely refer to spiritual work prescribed by Obara Meji to solve a problem. The medicine prescribed here is universal and can work for anyone, rather than being specially prepared for a singular person or person(s).


How will I know how to use a medicine?

If required, your product will come with specific instructions and any necessary cautions which are very important to read to ensure effectiveness.


How long does it take to see results?

It varies and depends on the medicine in question. For medicines such as the Sleep Paralysis Protection, this should be effective immediately upon use. For other medicines results can be seen immediately after use, but it can also take longer. The reason for this is that everyone has different things happening in their lives. There are some people who may have encumbrances. If you for any reason feel you may be experiencing such, we recommend:

a) Purchasing medicine to remove blockages and encumbrances first.

b) Getting a spiritual reading to reveal the cause and solution [highly recommended

Is it safe?

Every single medicine sold on this website is 110% safe and effective. All products are personally used by Obara Meji, her children and clients, and have been for all her years as a spiritualist and traditionalist. We never want to sell or recommend anything that we, ourselves, do not or have not ever used.

However, in all things you must follow your Ori (head/inner consciousness). More than anything, you must listen to your own spirit first and trust it.

Can I pray in English or my religion?

Absolutely! Even though the English language is low in vibration, what matters is your essence and intention. You are free to pray in any language or religious belief.