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The Metaphysics of Spiritual Baths

"Like a magnet, we can pick up the problems of others (see Psychic Attacks and Energy Transference post) or wicked psychic attacks and spiritual attacks, and most often we never know this. Some people may suffer from headaches for years and doctors can not find the cause. That is because the cause is not physical. It can be caused by either obeah or simply “psychic attacks”, in other words jealousy, people speaking ill of you too much, or projecting negative thoughts against you, or even cursing you or your lineage. Or if you are a sponge, you can easily absorb all of this heavy energy from someone else.

All of this adds up to spiritual dirt, spiritual grime, spiritual sweat, spiritual debris, spiritual burdens and loads. While the physical body may be clean, the spiritual part of us has not been attended to.

And THAT is a must. It must be cleansed, but how do we do this?"



About Us

Shop Embracing Spirituality is an extension of the metaphysics educational blog Embracing Spirituality. The Embracing Spirituality blog is owned and operated by Obara Meji, a spiritualist, traditionalist, and metaphysics teacher for over 20 years.

Since 2011 she has shared an enormous amount of her life on the Embracing Spirituality blog, at first having no idea whether anyone was reading it, but hoping that teaching from her own life experiences would assist someone along their spiritual journey.

After over 8 years of blogging, she has now decided to extend her services to humanity by not only teaching spirituality, but providing you with guided spiritual medicines to help yourself (some of which you may have read about in her stories).

What is unique about Shop Embracing Spirituality is that every item offered here is personally used (and created) by Obara Meji, her children and clients. These products are very personal and dear to her, as there is a story behind all of them and how they have assisted her in her own life.

And now we share them with you.

Buy with peace of mind and may the products match your body.

Love and light to you all

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